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Gunsmithing Services

Custom Shop / Gunsmithing Shipping Rates
Complete rifle - $35 / Rifle Uppers & Lowers - $20 / Handguns - $36 / Handgun Slides - $10
$500.00 free shipping insurance upon return service. Additional insurance is .80 per hundred dollars. Firearms are freely packed in heavy cardboard boxes for extra protection. Shipping case capacity is limited. Numerous spare items may require additional shipping cost for additional packages. Shipments must be returned to the address of original owner or sender. Changes of return address, require written notice. All Firearm deliveries are " Signature Required " upon delivery.
L1A1 / FN Fal  Gunsmithing Services AR15 /M16 Gunsmithing Services
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AK47 / SKS / Galil Gunsmithing Services M1A / M14 Gunsmithing Services
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HK Rifle Gunsmithing Services 1911 Custom Handgun Services
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