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   Entreprise Arms started in 1993 with an endeavor to provide a better FAL/L1A1 rifle to the market. Ever since that day 14 years ago, Entreprise has specialized in crafting FAL/L1A1 rifles and manufacturing FAL/L1A1 receivers. Years of research, development and American ingenuity has produced a highly reliable and accurate FAL/L1A1 rifle sought after throughout the United States by FAL/L1A1 rifle enthusiasts. Entreprise has been the preferred choice by rifle shooters looking for an American crafted rifle of accuracy, reliability and durability that is designed to last a lifetime or hold its resale value. Customers have shot their Entreprise Arms FAL/L1A1 rifle for years and then been able to sell it for an attractive resale value.


   Entreprise Arms has perfected the blend of quality manufacturing while achieving the right price for rifle owners. Entreprise has been able to do this through years of hard work marketing through the internet which means the customer is not paying the high cost of advertising or sponsorship of shooting teams. Entreprise only manufacturers key parts and achieve a cost savings by buying the remaining parts from proven suppliers they have worked with for many years. They heat treat their whole receiver to a 40 Rockwell C hardness for outstanding safety and durability while applying over 100 quality control during the manufacturing process. Entreprise tops off its price savings strategy by specializing in only proven firearms designs—The legendary FAL/L1A1 rifle receiver design and the 1911 handgun design. The FAL/L1A1 rifle has been used by over 70 nations.


    In 1994 Entreprise Arms expanded their expertise into designing a quality double stack 1911 .45 ACP & .40 Cal handgun. Entreprise took the proven design of the 1911 and focused on designing and perfecting a frame capable of holding a double stack magazine that increased the handgun capacity to 14 rounds for the .45 ACP and 16 rounds for .40 Caliber.