Metric FN Receivers

Type 1, Type 3  Receivers



 Metric Receivers

Entréprise Arms strives to bring you the highest quality parts. With our advanced CNC manufacturing machinery and our improved programming, we are able to offer you a superior receiver at a reduced price. Value and performance for your dollar is our goal. We are so sure that you’ll be 100% satisfied, we have an unconditional lifetime guarantee on our receivers - PERIOD!
FFL License required before shipping,  Faxed Federal License accepted  Dealers call for your pricing
Type 3 Metric Receiver
Type 3 metric Receiver
Type 3 Metric Receiver Price: $399.00   BUY NOW

Type 1 Metric Receiver   StG, German G1, Israeli Style 
(No Carrying Handle model shown)
Type 1 Metric Receiver Price: $499   BUY NOW

Unrestricted Receivers – Buildable receivers not restricted as

Trouble free assembly -Torque barrel, headspace. and shoot.
Correct feedramp geometry

Correct Barrel Timing

All Entreprise receivers come with semi auto ejector blocks installed
All models available with and without carryhandle cut 

Entréprise Arms Offers:

  1. Competitive  prices

  2. 4140 Steel Receiver. . 

  3. Trouble free assembly - torque barrel, headspace and shoot.

  4. Expertise on all FAL variants. 

  5. 100% satisfaction - Lifetime guarantee...period!

  6. Comprehensive customer support.

  7. Clearly superior receiver.

  8. 150 Quality assurance checks - we manufacture in house.

  9. No import hassles, and we’ll always be here to back up our products.

  10. Our ejector blocks are machined from solid billet and semi-auto configured and are installed in all our receivers.

  11. Years of experience -Over 28,000 receivers sold.

  12. Heat treated to Rockwell 45.

  13. Customized serial number available to match your parts.